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This page links the descriptions and overviews of the primary material types found in World War I repositories, including: lette…

Letters, Diaries and Autobiographies

Life-writings as related to the Great War are described and an overview of some of the canonical texts is provided.



September 23rd
Night, you are holy, Night, you are great, Night, you are beautiful, Night of the great mantle, Night, I love you and greet you, and I glorify you, and you are my big daughter and my creature. O beautiful night, night of the great mantle, daughter of the starry mantle, You remind me, even me, […]
August 17th
The First World War wrecked unimaginable havoc upon the creative communities of the combatants. As the war grinds on “Comptes rendus,” or “Accounts Rendered,” will provide sketches of the poets, painters, writers and composers whose lives were consumed. I make no claims for inclusiveness, and if anyone knows of casualties whose names I have overlooked, […]
July 30th
Count Alfred von Schlieffen had a plan for a quick victory if and when Germany had to simultaneously engage the forces of France and Russia in combat. Fighting a war on two fronts would give most sensible planners pause, but as von Schlieffen reckoned the matter, it was all a matter of timing. The vaunted […]

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