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Letters, Diaries and Autobiographies

Life-writings as related to the Great War are described and an overview of some of the canonical texts is provided.

Works Consulted / Further Reading

Provides a list of all works consulted and lists of recommended additional readings and resources.


This page links the descriptions and overviews of the primary material types found in World War I repositories, including: lette…



July 14th
It all began with German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. He had two concerns—one, that France might try to reclaim land lost to Germany in the Franco-Prussian War, two that Russia might continue making advances into the Balkans. So, in 1882 he proposed what he considered would be a defensive alliance with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and […]
June 27th
Artists have attempted to capture the suffering and heroics of war since the Classical era, from Homer following the exploits of Achilles during the Trojan War in The Iliad to Matthew Brady capturing men fighting in the American Civil War in somber photographs. The 20th century brought a new kind of conflict — global, industrialized — […]
June 26th
The enmity and indeed hatred of all soldiers in the Great War from all nations was directed at a common foe: the louse. Villain of song and poetry this universal enemy was hard to kill and the source of constant discomfort. The British poem “Louse Hunting” by Isaac Rosenberg depicts this constant struggle. A newly […]

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